Ironwork & Finish


Wrought iron is pure form of iron having a low carbon content and a fibrous micro-structure. This type of iron is tough and malleable and so it can be forged and welded. The word “wrought” is an archaic past participle form of the verb “to work,” and so “wrought iron” literally means “worked iron”.  As the oldest form of iron to be used, wrought iron is the material which gave the Iron Age its name. At Unique Patio Creations, we recognize wrought iron as the durable art of the blacksmith, and we enjoy exploring its perpetual and decorative potential in furniture.

Each piece of furniture that leaves our facilities has already passed 4 points of quality control inspection ensuring you the very best product possible. From our standardized full weld process to our smooth grinds, there is a craftsmanship that cannot be found with comparable “tac-welded” import products.

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Thorough protection from the weather is vital for all exterior ironwork.  A wide variety of paints are available to reduce the risk of rusting. Our paint method of choice is powder coating, because it creates a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint and it will last better than any other paint process in the industry. This finish also is the best for an even and smooth coat. We have an array of powder coat color options for our customer to compliment their fabric choice.

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