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Season Outdoor Decor

Outdoor spaces are often overlooked by people when it comes to designing and decorating their homes. Indoor spaces are often invested in more, and for the same reason that people spend more time indoors. But what if we were to spent a bit more time elaborating an outdoor living space as a continuation of our indoor living and dining rooms? Wouldn’t having a cozy, comfortable, and beautiful patio area make us want to spend more time there?

Under the Arizona sun, many people are unsure of what materials and items can be used. But that shouldn’t stop us from enjoying that part of our homes.

Our furniture is made specifically for Arizona outdoors, with the best quality and durability. It combines resistance, style, and comfort all in one. Alone, our furniture can add the unique touch you need to start your outdoor living. But what about the extra touches that make your space as livable as the indoors?

Here are some of our favorite picks of the month, which are available through us. These pieces combine elegance, freshness, and calmness. What more can you need to create an oasis here in the desert! Following with our color crush on Blue this season, we hope you enjoy and start styling!

Warm wishes,

the Unique Team

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Christmas traditions in the workshop!

Chrismas TreeChristmas is a favorite season because of the traditions, memories, and feeling with have experience with our loved ones since we were growing up. And as we get older, we pass along our own learnt traditions when we start our own family. We replace some, we keep some, we modify, we update, and so on, but in the end we celebrate. This Christmas, we got creative at Unique Patio and decided to make the Christmas tree tradition one that can identify us as a Unique family. We designed a special pine tree, our craftsmen hand-forged it, our staff decorated with ornaments and ribbons, and we all shared and celebrated placing gifts under it.


A walk through our history and our work…

 Every good business has a trajectory, and every great product has a story.

The founding blacksmiths of Unique Patio have enjoyed exploring the perpetual and decorative potential of wrought iron in furniture for two generations. 

The Ortiz Brothers have come a long way since their days in Mexico and have brought their timeless rustic and elegant touch to the Valley for over 20 years.

We pride ourselves for the work we have put in in becoming who we are today, and especially for our artisans’ sweat left at their workstations each day.

We thank you as well, our customers, for allowing us to become a part of your unique patio, and for becoming a part of our Unique Patio journey.

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