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A Walk to our Factory Process………….

Unique Patio’s Custom furniture and accessories, are designed to reflect the CUSTOM-ER, unique distinctively.

“The style, dimensions, the color, and the detail comes from you. We are only here to guide you in the process to make it” Sandra Co.

Unlike the uncertainty of shopping quality furniture stores, buying custom built furniture and custom built accessories integrates with your personal touch and a more designer fit to your stylish home. This is locally made here in Arizona.

Take a quick walk to our custom built process …….

The Oasis at Yagans Residence – Modern Luxury

How to emphasize your contemporary outdoor home design?

Well, the contemporary design is actually starting from the exterior.

The concept of contemporary exterior is considered as modern design in architectural focuses. This is the idea of the trendiest matter. But it is possible to add older elements as far as they are suitable for all times. The important point is that the design should be based on the purpose.

For instance, here at the Yagan’s Residence you can see the contemporary outdoor furniture tend to be simple in design. When talking about contemporary, you can not avoid the clean lines and simple. But with this, it does not mean they can not be attractive. Since it is simple, you can also choose accessories and hardscape to compliment  contemporary exterior design by patterns, contrast colors or prints, depending on the purpose of the landscape itself.

Contemporary exterior design for your outdoor is simple choice to look for minimalistic aspect of your home, adding a purpose to the house. The elegant contemporary design works well with modern spaces.

Unique Patio showcased in AZ Foothills Magazine!

Unique Patio Creations was recently featured in the AZ Foothills digital magazine in an article titled “One-of-a-Kind Patio Furniture”, an article dedicated exclusively to us! We were very touched by the beautiful words expressed on our work and products.

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Kelly Potts, author of the article, writes “A perfect patio set for amazing gatherings that will be sure to bring everyone over again and again.”

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To read the article, or to find other very interesting articles on the trends in Arizona, go to the AZ Foothills Online Magazine.




Welcome to The Hamptons!

We are satisfied to introduce our latest collection to join the menu. With a similar upscale seaside reputation among the bays and shores of the States coastlines, the Beverly Hills and The Hamptons also share a mix of contemporary and classic style, and a lot of luxury.

Our Hamptons Collection frame is as the Beverly Hills frame, the grand difference is in the back design. This new design is inspired by the imperial trellises in the windy and long-grassed gardens of the eternal beach house dream.

Choose your Power Coat finish, your fabrics, your pieces, and start living it up.


Look for us @ the LUXE Interiors + Design Magazine Summer 2015 issue

Coming out June 30th, the LUXE Interiors + Design Magazine Summer 2015 issue will feature us on their Outdoor Living Marketplace page along with other great artisans of the valley.

We are happy to appear with our classic San Carlos Collection with an all blue vibe. We are loving Blue this Summer! Get inspired, get living, get outdoors!

Warm wishes,

The Unique Team


Ranked Top Ten on Arizona Outdoor Furniture!

It is the unexpected and unasked-for applause that assures you you’re doing something right. We are proud of our Team, we are proud of our product, and we are proud of our service. We are thankful and blessed!

We are happy to receive rank and recognition in Arizona Businesses, we take it as physical compliment! But we are happier to continue serving all our customers, who allow us to love our jobs even more and make them happy while doing it.

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